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A podcast inspired by the world

Welcome on GenZers to rise! Podcast by Vasilis Skarleas. We are hosting interviews and conversations with people from around the world that can force our listeners to start their own projects and discover new exciting things, or to reflect on current events.

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About the show

On this podcast we discuss the logistics of creating different types of projects with changemakers who have already done it. We cover the different ideas surrounding entrepreneurship from technical details to creating an impact.

Also, you will find us discovering new conversation subjects and reflecting on current events of our society. Now more than ever, It is more important to have these conversations so we can help solve the problems facing the world today.

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What our listeners say

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5 stars rated podcast

What an amazing podcast! So much current information!!! Loved the interview with Ilias about his game. Thank you ChangemakerZ excellent work!!!

vskarleas, Apple Podcasts
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5 stars rated podcast

I love this podcast and I love to listen to it while I work out or go on runs but this podcast is super encouraging and I just love it🖤

camping is life, Apple Podcasts
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About the hosts

The GenZers to rise! Podcast is a Vasilis Skarleas Production on behalf of ChangemakerZ. Our main hosts are Kennedy Brown, Saloni Nayak and Vasilis Skarleas.

vasilis skarleas production manager of genzers to rise podcast and CTO at ChangemakerZ

Vasilis Skarleas

Producer & Entrepreneur

Vasilis is a Tech entrepreneur from Greece. He is currently active in the field of websites development, Internet solutions, iOS app development and media productions like podcasts - music - aerial photography.

He is passionate about the STEM and the development of new services like CheckingMail his free anti phishing solution and Speedtest with no-ads. He pursues his studies in engineering at Polytech Grenoble. His interests include videography, digital art, 3D printing and educational robotics.

In addition to that, he is the CTO at ChangemakerZ, the Production Manager of GenZers to rise! Podcast and ambassador at Thred media.