Ep 14: Learning about the sustainable development goals with the De Nsentip twins - GenZers to rise!

Episode's best points

In this episode, we discuss Uforo and Eduek’s efforts to incorporate the UN’s sustainable development goals into education.

The SDGs

The SGS are 17 goals aiming bring the world into an ideal state. This includes improving education, environment, equality, health, and more.

De Nsentip Twins

How to get involve ?

We will also be discussing ways you can partner with different organizations in order to support a cause that you are passionate about.

Ronsley Vaz

Uforo Nsentip & Eduek Nsentip

Social activists & entrepreneurs

Uforo Nsentip is a Nigerian, a self-driven change-maker, deeply passionate about environmental sanitation, reduced inequalities, life on land and below water, education, and climate action.

Eduek Nsentip is the founder at The Rekindled World which aims at youths taking big or small actions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs)

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