Should everyone go vegan? - GenZers to rise!
LOgan Guleff

Srijanita Maurya


I am Srijanita Maurya based in Uttar Pradesh, India. I am 17 and the Founder of two youth led Organisation named as 'The Petrichor Organisation' working for youths leadership development and 'The Animal Patronage' which works for animal welfare. The Organisation focuses on becoming the voice of the animals to fight for their rights and protect them from human cruelties and being extinct. I'm a TEDx Speaker and multilingual. I'm a MUN enthusiast and Youth Animal Activist as well as the Harvard Innovation fellow in Crimson Youth Entrepreneurship Society. Winner of Indian diva award 2022 in category of Entrepreneur and Social work and The Child Prodigy Award winner. I'm also the winner of Global Kids Achievers Award 2022